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Richard McCephas – The Person

Greetings! I come from Domboshawa, a small town located about 30 km north of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe.

I grew up in a polygamous family, where I was the only biological child of my parents, while my three other siblings were from my stepfather. Unfortunately, my upbringing was challenging, as I experienced sexual abuse, neglect, body shaming, and developed an inferiority complex. These issues made me feel trapped and helpless, leading me to contemplate suicide.

Nevertheless, reflecting on my life and accomplishments, I now understand that anyone can overcome adversity and realise their aspirations with appropriate support, such as counselling, medication, and mentorship. In 1994, I married Faith Moforo, and we have been blessed with three children: Hanniel, Assiel, and Richardson Jr. Hanniel is married to Kathleen, and they have a son, making me a proud father and grandfather.

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